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I’m Christina Hyland founder of Gut Instincts. As a R.H.N (Holistic Nutritionist) and MSW (Masters of Social Worker), it is my passion to spread awareness around the interconnection between nutrition and our state of mental health. Be it Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, Autism, Addictions etc., many of those experiencing such conditions have sought out a more holistic and natural approach to treatment involving both nutrition and therapeutic counseling with significant success and major reduction of unfavorable symptoms.

Working in the field of social work, I can recall feeling a sense of unsettlement when working with those struggling with mental health issues. I knew that counseling on its own was for so many, only one piece of the puzzle, and that unless many of the underlying nutritional deficiencies, conditions or dietary practices were addressed, their feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and other related symptoms, would likely fail to improve or reach their full potential of healing. One primary observation that has shaped my practice today, relates to the significant trend in our society involving the connection between body image, weight, emotional eating, anxiety, depression and addictions to foods. Our relationship to the foods that we eat and the biochemical response that influences this is an area of study that researchers have just scratched the surface. We can no longer compartmentalize and separate the mind from the body and the soul. Everything is interconnected and therefore those seeking treatment should be addressed as such. I hope to utilize this blog as a forum to provide people struggling with these concerns, with the strategies, recipes and education on the latest research, as tools in their wellness toolbox, to draw on in times of need and along their journey of healing.









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